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Powertilt Image
  • Hydraulic Requirement
  • 1 x Double acting low flow circuit (all models).
  • A hitch circuit for models with a hydraulic coupler.
  • Supplied With
  • N/A
  • Options
  • Hitch circuit.
  • Tilt circuit.



Range of tilting couplers to suit excavators from 1 – 32 tonnes. The unique Helac rotary actuator offers unequalled holding torque and up to 180 degrees of tilt. Designed for permanent attachment to the excavator, the Powertilt’s compact dimensions enable use with even the narrowest of trenching buckets. No external rams ensures no risk of damage.


  • Up to 180 degrees of tilt.
  • Use with any attachment, even narrowist trenching bucket.
  • Built in quick hitch.
  • No external rams.
  • Builtin hydraulic overload protection.
  • Available in 3 configurations, PT models have dedicated top bracket and a manual coupler. PTS models have dedicated top bracket and an automatic locking hydraulic coupler. PTB models have an interchangeable top bracket and either a manual or an automatic locking hydraulic coupler which is also interchangeable.


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