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Tiltrotator Image
  • Hydraulic Requirement
  • 1 x single acting circuit (all models).
  • Supplied With
  • Hoses (without Q/R couplings).
  • Standard installation kit C/W stere-strip controls.
  • Options
  • Intergrated grab.
  • Intergrated proportional control.
  • Replacement multi button joysticks.
  • EC-Oil.
  • Q-Safe coupler.

engcon tiltrotator


With Generation 2 engcon strengthens its position as world-leading tiltrotator manufacturer. Among the features are a 45 degree tilt angle, increased service access, increased bushing sizes, hydraulic motor on the left-hand side and inte- grated central lubrication. The latter, that all lubrication points are connected one single lubrication block, saves the contractor a lot of time and money. During 2014 the fourth and fifth models of Generation 2 tiltrotator were introduced; EC206 adapted to the 3.5–6 ton excavators, and EC214 for excavators between 9–14 tons*. Together with its big sisters, the 2-series covers excavators between 3.5–26 tons.

The newly upgraded EC-Oil is engcon's system for automatic connection of hydraulics, electronics and central lubrication to any hydraulic attachments, and is specially adapted for our new series of tiltrotators and our new and safe Q-SafeTM* quick coupler. As the sole supplier, we can help you with a total solution – from control systems, couplers and tools, to support and safety analyses.


  • Continuous rotation.
  • Up to 90 Degrees of tilt.
  • Choice of top mountings.
  • Choice of hydraulic quick hitches to underside.
  • Additional hydraulic circuits for grab operation etc.
  • EC-Oil.
  • Q-Safe Coupler.


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