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Simex Drum Cutter Image
  • Hydraulic Requirement
  • 1 x Single acting circuit (and 1 x dedicated case drain line).
  • Supplied With
  • Mounting plate and hoses.
  • Options
  • Standard Drum.
  • Wall Profiling Drum.
  • Soft Material Drum.
  • Linked Products
  • N/A.

rotary drum cutter


Range of horizontal and vertical rotary cutters to suit excavators from 1.2 – 60 tons. Designed for cutting rock, concrete, asphalt and timber. Low noise and low vibration characteristics make the Rotary Drum Cutter an ideal alternative to a breaker when working in more sensitive environments. Cut material can easily be used as fill without further processing.


  • For excavators 1.2 to 60 tons.
  • low vibration and low noise option for cutting rock, concrete, asphalt and timber.
  • High displacement hydraulic piston motor to ensure high performance with low speed and high torque.


Model Carrier Weight (t)
{Model} {carrier}
{Model} {carrier}
Technical Info
Weight (kg) {Weight}
Dim A (Standard Drum) (mm) {dimaa}
Dim B (mm) {dimb}
Dim C (mm) {dimc}
Dim D (mm) {dimd}
Hydraulic Motor Power (kw-cv) {motor}
Oil Pressure (2) (bar) {pressure}
Oil Flow (3) (l/m) {flow}
Max Output Torque (KNm) {torque}
Max Cutting Force (KN) {dimd}


  1. The user is responsible for ensuring that the carrier meets the equipments requirement with regards to weight and performance.
  2. The cutting force decreases as the oil flow or pressure decreases.
  3. The cutting speed and RPM decreases as the oil flow or pressure decreases .
  4. Total weight including rotation and wall profiling drums.
  5. Total weight including hydraulic lock mechanical rotation.


Simex Drum Cutter Schematic