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Harvesting Head Image
  • Hydraulic Requirement
  • 1 x single acting circuit (all models).
  • Supplied With
  • Hoses (without Q/R couplings).
  • Options
  • Radio Control.
  • Rotator.

harvesting and felling heads


The stroke harvester is a reliable and efficient tool for forest owners and small contractors. It is designed for use in the production of fire and energy wood. Delimbing also allows for integrated harvesting. With a stroke harvester, the first thinning can be completed efficiently without any damage to the forest. The head is only 80 cm wide in the felling position, which makes it easy to operate in young forests. Radio control also allows for the free rotation of the grapple, which contributes to the ease of working in tight and narrow places such as first-thinning forests.


  • Felling and delimbing.
  • Easy installation, no additional hydraulics.
  • Effortless and durable guillotine cutting, 25 cm.
  • Adjustable grip force of the delimbing blades.
  • Two stroke movement speeds.
  • Radio control option.


Model Carrier Weight (t)
{a} {b}
{a} {b}
Technical Info
Weight (kg) {c}
Height (cm) {o}
Opening (cm) {d}
Delimbing Diameter (cm) {m}
Delimbing Speed (m/s) {e}
Delimbing Force (kN) {f}
Delimbing Length (cm) {p}
Max Cut Diameter (cm) {g}
Cutting Force (kN) {h}
Cutting Speed (s) {i}
Hydraulic Pressure (bar) {j}
Oil Flow (l/m) {k}
Crane Load Capacity (kN) {l}
Voltage (v) {n}