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Kerb Grip Image
  • Hydraulic Requirement
  • 1 x Double acting circuit minimum.
  • Supplied With
  • N/A.
  • Options
  • Direct mount.
  • Single pin mounting link.
  • Quick hitch mounting plate.
  • Mechanical or hydraulic rotation.
  • Diverter control kit (enables grab and rotate functions to operate from one double acting circuit).



Range of grabs to suit excavators from 1.5 – 14 tonnes. Unique jaw design enables the excavator operator to grab the kerbs directly from the pack, with no damage to the kerb surface, and to place them to a line, onto the kerb race without manual assistance. Designed to handle a wide range of kerb types. Available with rotator options.


  • For excavators 1 to 14 tons.
  • Check valve on ram.
  • Fixed jaw has nylon ‘blade’ to separate kerbs in the pack.
  • Constructed from Weldox 700.


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Kerb Grip Schematic Image