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Simex Crusher Bucket Image
  • Hydraulic Requirement
  • 1 x Single acting circuit (minimum).
  • Supplied With
  • Mounting bracket (2 pin or dedicated coupler type).
  • Hoses (no q/r couplings).
  • Options
  • N/A
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Simex Crusher Bucket


The Simex CBE crusher buckets are suitable for crushing high volumes of mixed material including reinforced concrete. The operation of the CBE range is not adversely affected reinforcing bars or high moisture content in the source material.

Easy to use and to load, the CBE crusher bucket is available in several models mountable on excavators from 8 to 50 tons.


Model Carrier Weight (t)
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{Model} {carrier}
Technical Info
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SAE Capacity (m3) {dimb}
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Rotor Width (mm) {dimd}
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Oil Flow (l/m) {flow}
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