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International Dealers

We are currently looking to expand our international dealer network. If you are interested in becoming a dealer please get in touch via our Contact Form.

Image of German Flag
Country Germany
Company MBN Gmbh
Tel +49 5721 4021-0
E-mail info@mbn-baumaschinenwelt.de
Web www.mbn-baumaschinenwelt.de
Contact Lars Hoppe
Image of Norwegian Flag
Country Norway
Company Thor Heldal As
Tel +47 55 92 52 00
E-mail post@thor-heldal.no
Web www.thor-heldal.no
Contact Frode Haugland
Image of Polish Flag
Country Poland
Company ADS Technic s.c.
Tel +48 32 430 90 09
E-mail andrzej@adstechnic.pl
Web www.adstechnic.pl
Contact Andrzej Sobala