Exac-One Ltd: The Attachment Specialist

About Us

How It All Started

Doug Guest and Andrew Harker have been friends and business partners for more than 30 years. Having finished college in the early nineties, their first business "FH Plant Services" was conceived and created as a plant hire company focused entirely on servicing the farming sector in and around Andrew's home town of Upton Upon Severn.

Fuelled by high local demand, the company quickly expanded into general construction plant hire and small scale civils contracting. Along the way securing the UK distribution rights for Euromach Walking Excavators, Helac's Powertilt and the Engcon Tiltrotator.

As time passed, market forces were making the hire and contracting side of the business less viable whilst interest in the attachments was increasing steadily. In 2002 the decision was taken to close down the hire and contracting business and focus entirely on excavator attachments and Exac-One Ltd was established to draw a line under the old business and focus minds on the new venture.

What We Do

Exac-One was formed specifically to sell excavator attachments.

The aim of Exac-One was to 'spread the word' about using an excavator as a tool carrier rather than just a digger.

The target audience was and is anyone who owns and/ or uses excavators. The range of attachments offered was originally based on the director's experiences in their previous life as specialist contractors where they had sourced and used many of the attachments now offered for sale. The range of attachments has increased significantly over the years driven by both demand and by the desire to be innovative. In the first year the range of attachments was probably no more than ten – it is now around fifty product ranges.

Attachments are sourced from all over the world. Generally, final customization work is carried at Exac-One to meet customers specific requirements.

Exac-One works as a partner with many of its suppliers in terms of product design, improvements and modifications to suit the UK market.

Since 2012, Exac-One has also been designing and building new products to meet demands in niche markets. Products such as Tree Shears and Tree Stump Grinders

As an 'independent' supplier with practical experience, Exac-One is able to offer customers a good level of un-biased advice on attachments, their installation and their uses.

Exac-One has been involved over the years with the HSE in relation to issues such as the use of excavators as an alternative to manual handling and more recently quick coupler safety.

Our Philosophy

From day one we took the decision that we would not be a hard sell company, the ethos was to provide any potential customer with all of the information that they needed to be able to make an informed decision with regards to their specific requirements. If the customer then decided to place an order with us, then we know we have done our job well.

We also feel that we have a responsibility to the local community. We have 10 full time staff, most of whom live locally and we support and sponsor a number of local events.

We also support the local economy by buying in products and services from other local businesses wherever possible.

Our Location

At first glance, Upton upon Severn looks like many another country town, but its appearance conceals a secret past.

Upton upon Severn used to be a port, as well as being the only river crossing for many miles. For centuries before modern transport, it was alive with river craft carrying goods from and to the rich agricultural areas around it. Today, pleasure craft have taken over. There is a flourishing marina on the east bank, and Upton's historic prosperity can be seen in it's variety of delightful old buildings, including pleasant places to eat and drink.

Upton is a town with a liveliness out of all proportion to its size. Its attractive shops, its delightful inns and a variety of events each year, such as the Jazz, Folk, Blues and Water Festivals draw crowds in their thousands. It's a place that has much to reveal and is well worth a visit.

Image of Upton on Severn